Patient Zero is a location based app and as such we must collect your location in order for it to work. If you are not okay with this you should not use the app.

Location data (collected via GPS and network triangulation) will only be used by us for game related activities. Location data is not stored by us unless it is one of the following:
  • The location an infection has taken place
  • Your last known location
    • This location is removed from our database the next time your location is updated
  • An error occurs and the location is needed for debugging
All other locations collected from users that do not match these criteria are purged from the system in real time.

Your location is not shared with third party services with the exception of the ones listed below:
  • PressureNet
    • PressureNet is an atmosphere data and software intelligence company which uses pressure and location data to┬ádramatically improve weather and climate forecasting. Data is shared with researchers and forecasters by default.
    • You can disable this sharing of data anytime in the Patient Zero Settings under "Research & Data"
    • By sharing data from your phone's barometer with PressureNet you are helping scientists with weather research.
We do not share user email addresses with any third party services.